Areas of Expertise




In the area of Special Structures, we individualize projects Hydraulic Works and Dams, Tunnels and Bridges.


Design of hydraulic works and dams is developed through the different stages, from feasibility study to detailed design, from hydraulic engineering in watercourses divertion and regularisation to dams for hydropower developments or water supply.


The use of underground space is one of the most effective options for the development of major road, railway or urban infrastructures. The wide field of applications of tunnels allows adapting the solutions and construction methods in order to induce minimum disturbances in crossed land and buildings. Besides the evident environmental advantages, underground work is with no doubt the best option when confronting the need to overcome big natural obstacles.
We develop projects that go from feasibility study to detailed design, assuring the coordination and all involved disciplines: geology and geotechnics, structures, drainage, electrical installations, safety and telematics.


Within the scope of Transport Engineering and Urban Infrastructures we develop specific studies for bridges and viaducts. We work on these projects using the usual structural materials (concrete, steel or mixed) and different construction methods, including the in-situ execution and precast structures.