NRV | Norvia

Engineering Consultants

Established in 1987, with headquarters in Vila Real, NRV | Norvia is an engineering consulting company that develops its activity on various levels: from engineering multidisciplinary studies to supervision and project management.

We act in areas such as planning, architecture and urbanism and have our own capacities in geotechnical engineering and quality control, pavement monitoring, traffic and road safety, production of cartography, topography and geometric control.

The company, in Portugal, has now offices in Vila Real, Lisbon and Funchal. It has subsidiaries in Angola, Mozambique and Cape Verde, and presence in the Middle East and West Africa. It offers a wide scope of multidisciplinary services.

  • NRV | Norvia in Alto Tâmega dams

    29 November 2017

    Work is under way in Alto Tâmega Hydroelectric Complex, integrated in the National Program of Dams with High Hydroelectric Potential. Daivões, Gouvães and Alto Tâmega are the three units that are part of the complex developed by Iberdrola. The spanish electricity company will invest about 1,5 billion euros in the project.

  • Connecting the northern area of Madeira

    22 November 2017

    It was last Friday, the 17th , that NRV | Norvia was at the opening of the road section that completes the connection between Boaventura and São Vicente, in Madeira. Miguel Albuquerque, president of Regional Government, participated and walked along three kilometers: there were also speeches and a band played.