2019: the year in review


07 February 2020



2019: the year in review

07 February 2020

Before we start 2020 in full swing, we invite you to revisit 2019 – taking a ride with Norvia Group.

First, airports. The area marked the year in a special way by mobilizing pavement design, inspection and management teams. In Jordan, we had the rehabilitation projects for the airports of Aqaba and Amman, in Angola we continued with the inspection and audits of the runways at the new Luanda International Airport and in Mozambique we were in the Afungi Aerodrome project and with an advisory contract to the management system at Maputo Airport. In Portugal, we had several design projects and inspections of interventions at the airports of Humberto Delgado (Lisbon), Francisco Sá Carneiro (Porto) and, also, in Faro, Funchal and Flores.

Regarding the activity abroad, Senegal stood out, with the beginning of a design review and supervision contract for a work that includes the construction of 18 bridges, most of them located in the Dakar Region and aimed at improving the conditions of circulation in the city.

And now moving on to another area: the National Land Use Plan for São Tomé and Príncipe was the main work in the area of ​​Urban and Regional Planning, but it is worth mentioning the growth in this type of studies: in Oeiras, Cascais, Sabrosa and Évora.

In the Buildings area, we had several contracts in Portugal and Angola. From a wine tasting room in Quinta de la Rosa, to residential buildings in the Vila Real area or to offices like Edifício Maianga and Torre Atlântico in Angola. It is also important to highlight a set of inspection contracts for the rehabilitation of buildings in Lisbon - a new chapter opens for a segment in strong expansion.

In the Transport Engineering, interventions ranged from urban mobility in Vila Real and Cascais, to the project to protect the Calheta / Jardim do Mar road (Madeira), which included the construction of a tunnel. Other works stood out in Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana and Dakar. In Dakar, we are developing studies for a logistics platform to support the city's port that mobilizes road and rail project teams, together with urban and regional planning and urban infrastructure.

Outdoor infrastructures in industrial units in the north of the country (Continental multinational and cork company Pietec), in parallel with studies in the area of ​​waste treatment and firefighting systems in Madeira tunnels, also mark a great diversity in the work done. We also highlight a project for the Loulé Wastewater and Water Supply System, which takes on special significance since it is the first work fully developed in BIM (Building Information Modeling) software, a milestone in the implementation of this technology in company.

With MSW, the Maritime and Port Works projects also had a diverse scope and in several geographies. The Port of Nador, in Morocco, the Port of Caucedo, in the Dominican Republic, and interventions on a dock in the port of Malongo, in Angola, are some of the highlights abroad. Interventions in the Port of Leixões and the emergency works project in Porto das Flores, in the Azores, are the main references of the activity in Portugal.